Health & Safety

Health & Safety

MPA Health & Safety Awards Submissions Time…

The Minerals Products Association has launched their UK Health and Safety Awards 2016.  CEMEX UK has performed very well in these awards in the past and it would be great to continue this trend.  Not only are the awards an opportunity to celebrate success, more importantly they help us share good practice across CEMEX and the wider industry.

It would be great if we can encourage as many submissions as possible, however, it should be noted that we are limited to 16 entries in total.  In order to identify the strongest contenders and meet the deadline, it would be helpful if submissions can be sent to either the local Health and Safety Advisor or Frances Bott (Frances Catherine Margaret Bott/GB/Cemex) on the relevant MPA entry form by Friday 18th March.  This will allow sufficient time to evaluate the entries, draw up the short-list, and make the submissions.

The relevant award categories are shown in the list below and the entry forms for each are available via the following link:

  • Behavioural Safety; Safety Culture; Leadership
  • Bitumen; Asphalt; Contract Surfacing
  • Contractors’ Safety
  • Engineering Initiatives
  • Occupational Health and Well-Being
  • Reducing Occupational Road Risk
  • Transport Initiatives
  • Worker Involvement

The entry criteria guidance for the awards is in the download section of UK News.