Health & Safety

Health & Safety

MPA Traffic Management Safety Guides

Every year there are over 5,000 accidents involving transport in the workplace. About 50 of these result in people being killed ( The main causes of injury are people falling off vehicles or being struck or crushed by them.

These statistics are indicative of what we see within our own sector and have been identified as one of our ‘The Fatal 6’ High Consequence Hazards.

The MPA have developed two comprehensive handbooks to help all operators understand and control the typical risks they manage in environments where vehicles and pedestrians interact. It is a best practice document outlining the main risks and how to mitigate them.

It is well worth a read to ensure you are up to date with the latest best practise and to remind yourself and your team of the main risks on site.

There is a copy you can download from the UK News website here:  MPA Handbook - Workplace transport and pedestrian interface handbook (602 downloads)   MPA Handbook - Employees vehicle and pedestrian segregation (601 downloads)

In addition, there are some posters to display on site to remind colleagues of the dangers of pedestrians and vehicles on site.  These too can also be found on the UK News website here: MPA - Dangers of pedestrians and vehicles on site posters (602 downloads)