Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Never Walk On By…..

This incident, shared by John Miller reinforces why we should Never Walk By.

On arriving at work at our Southampton offices Graham Singleton noticed a driver asleep in his car which was parked just outside the entrance to Baltic Wharf.  Graham’s immediate thought was that the driver was having a rest after an early start.  On arriving into the office he wasn’t comfortable with this assumption and discussed the matter with Sharon Ward, Marine’s First Aider. They decided that it was better if they confirmed that the driver was OK rather than assumed he was taking a rest.

They approached the driver and it quickly became apparent that the driver was unwell – he had suffered an angina attack whilst driving and, therefore, had stopped to take medication but was somewhat disorientated having fallen asleep. He had been parked and asleep in his car for 45 mins.

An ambulance was called and duly arrived and the professionals took over to affect a recovery which may have not been possible if Graham and Sharon had chosen to walk by. The driver and his friends and family should be grateful that they did not.

For Graham and Sharon their action potentially saved a life but also saved them from a lifetime of guilt if they had not acted on their doubts. This is why we should never walk by anything where we have doubts, STEP IN and confirm there are no issues or as in this case STEP IN and help someone to be safe. Well done to both.