Health & Safety

Health & Safety

New PPE Arrangements

At the start of 2018 a working group was established across all business areas to review the provision of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).  There were several key objectives:

  • To identify a standard range of PPE for all UK Businesses of suitable quality.
  • To rationalise the range of PPE to maximise purchasing leverage and enable benchmarking against other potential providers.
  • To produce a CEMEX/NSS Website & Catalogue to ensure only approved PPE is purchased.

This work has now been completed and as from the 11th June 2018 NSS will only provide items from the final approved list. Whilst new items can be added there is now a formal approval process to be followed to ensure only necessary and suitable items are added. The NSS website has been changed in accordance with the approved list.

There is no need to replace existing PPE with the new range, it should only be replaced when it becomes necessary – from the new list.

The general quality level of workwear and boots has been improved with mainly branded ranges selected with, for example, the “Pulsar” range of workwear forming the bulk of the High Visibility clothing. Furthermore, all Clothing and Helmets will carry the CEMEX name and logo as standard thus embracing the “One CEMEX” philosophy. To ensure maximum benefit from this deal requires all business areas to purchase from the approved source and range. This arrangement does not affect the previously agreed deals for laundered workwear provided by PHS/Johnsons.