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Health & Safety

Norman and Monty Strike Again… In the Latest CEMEX Health & Safety Video

Cartoon figures Norman, the loveable walking disaster and Monty, his long suffering boss, are back on the ‘big screen’, in the latest CEMEX UK health and safety video, Step In… Save a Life! For the first time in the building materials industry the video involves cartoon characters interacting with real live colleagues.

If you haven’t seen it already please watch it on YouTube:

“We’re delighted to have Norman and Monty back with us and by using humour it enables us to make some vital health and safety messages very memorable. Norman and Monty say nothing but certainly communicate a lot! Because of this format there are no language barriers so it has the potential to be used by the 50 or so CEMEX operations across the world,” comments Andy Taylor, CEMEX UK Health and Safety Director.

“The video will form a vital part of our on-going programme of health and safety training for all CEMEX UK personnel.  Currently each operational business is involved in 90 minute step-downs in which the whole of the operation closes for 90 minutes.  During the 90 minutes colleagues watch the video and review health and safety to hopefully ensure everyone goes home safely at the end of a working day.”