Health & Safety

Health & Safety

NOTHING Is More Important So Please GET A GRIP

Watch where you are putting your feet and always have three points of contact.  Several of our recent injuries have happened due to slips, trips and falls.   Please take extra care, look out for yourselves and each other when walking and moving around sites and offices.

This week a contract haulier needed three staples to close a head wound after falling whilst getting out of his cab.

Please use the poster at the end of UK News (or in the download section) to put up around your business – on noticeboards; on the back of toilet doors; next to the kettle; or where drivers can see them safely.

With a total of 8 TRIs recorded in September this was our highest number of major injuries in any month since November 2011….. we all have a responsibility to stop letting people get hurt in our business. 

 This is the number one priority above all else.  Nothing is more important.