Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Nothing Is Worth More Than Safety

Cluster 12 Boston Plant Driver, Kevin Harper, and Gavin Herrick made a very brave decision to walk away from a job after pointing out the potential hazard to a Site Manager. 

On arrival at site it soon became apparent that Kevin was putting himself at risk as he had to get out of his cab into on-coming traffic to deliver his load.

Kevin and Gavin spoke to the Site Manager who was unconcerned about the safety of the drivers.  Gavin tried to look around the site for a safer area to discharge but was told not to by the Site Manager.  The Manager then came over and said he would be getting his concrete from a rival mini mix company.

Unfortunately, we do not have a mini fleet and we, therefore, lost the job.  However, as Gavin and Kevin pointed out, they potentially saved a life instead.