Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Occupational Health Surveillance Programme Resumes

Our Occupational Health Surveillance programme has been given the green light to resume but there are some changes to the way it will be organised initially.

The main change is that all required Health Surveillance must be initiated though Peter Luxmore, RPS will only plan site visits that have been instigated via this route. Managers are asked to provide numbers of personnel and location(s) so that a provisional date can be secured, once a date is booked RPS will then contact the responsible Manager for more detail on those attending such as names and whether they want the additional wellbeing checks. They will also provide the Manager with details for locating the Mobile Unit such as space needed and electrical connections.

RPS will still use Mobile Units for the tests with suitable COVID controls in place. The main difference is that the Lung Function test, (which involves forcibly expelling air from the lungs), will be conducted outdoors under an adjacent marque provided by RPS. Depending on weather other tests may also be conducted outside the unit.

With Health Surveillance having been suspended for the past 18 months it means that virtually all employees are due to be seen under the Health Surveillance policy but the priority for the next 6 to 12 months will be employees exposed to more risk such as Noise or Dust and will be focussed on Site Based Operations. Health Surveillance for Offices will not be resumed at this time.

 For more information or to book Health Surveillance please contact: or call 07711 537523.