Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Our Bad Trend Needs To Be Stopped

After another bad week for LTIs and TRIs, please watch this short video from Jesus and think about your role in stopping our bad trend in hurting people!Al2hYrMQQSswgak9EKM8F7qBP4XKDQ

The main messages are:  think of the impact on everyone (colleagues and families) when someone has an injury.  Please continue to fill in Near Miss Hazard Alerts – these can save a life.  We all need to play our part in being extra vigilant.  You are the only people who can stop this trend.

Remember to go back to the basics by following the safety essentials:


  • Look after yourself and each other
  • Stop and think before every task or if there is a change in normal circumstances
  • Step in – to stop unsafe behaviour

This is the way to get to Zero.  We need to live and breathe health and safety; it is always our number one priority ahead of anything else including money.

Zero is possible as many of our businesses have achieved it before.  Please remember reaching Zero starts over again every day.