Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Our Pleasure Ma’am

One of our London drivers received high praise from one of Her Majesty the Queen’s motorbike outrider’s last week.  During the 90th birthday celebrations the Queen’s cavalcade had to negotiate the busy London traffic near Blackfriars at 10.55am, on her way to St Paul’s Cathedral.

One of the junctions was completely blocked which included a 50+ seat coach.  The Met police outriders task was to clear the way for Her Majesty.  One of our bulk carrying trucks was also at the junction.

Following the PC’s directions the CEMEX driver pulled into the junction around the coach and managed to exit the feature negotiating a ‘ridiculously small gap for a multi axle vehicle of that size’. The PC goes on to say: “I wish to pass on my thanks and compliments to the member of staff at the wheel as they demonstrated considerable skill completing that manoeuvre. This enabled Her Majesty to proceed unhindered on her way.”

Thank you to that driver (who we are trying to locate!) for their professionalism and skill and for representing CEMEX so well in what could have been a difficult situation for the Met Police.