Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Practice Makes Perfect

Rugby Cement Plant recently carried out a confined space rescue from within Cement Mill 6. However, thankfully on this occasion, it was only a practice drill.

The ‘scenario’ was a leg injury and the Team had to recover the injured person (a 70kg dummy) from the cement mill and out of the building to safety. The response from the site’s emergency response team was excellent and they successfully dealt with the situation in a calm and professional manner. Well done to all involved.

Rugby Rescue 2-resized 2This is the fourth emergency practice drill at Rugby this year and a full debrief is conducted after each session. Any opportunity areas for further improvement are implemented and already this has seen new equipment purchased and a trial using a pager system to improve response times conducted.

Hopefully the Team will never have to use their training in a real life situation but it is reassuring to know that should they be called into action, they will have the experience and knowledge to help keep our employees and contractors safe.