Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Prevent Stress – Employee Assistance Programme

Sickness accounted for nearly 22,000 days absence across CEMEX UK last year.  The two most common causes of absence were musculoskeletal illnesses such as tendonitis and muscle/tendon strain, followed by mental health/stress. 

From recent discussions it seems there may be a lack of awareness of the CEMEX lifestyleaction Employee Assistance Programme (EAP).  As detailed in the Health Alert available at the end of this document and in the Downloads section of the UK News site the EAP, provides free and confidential support for employees and their families when issues are being faced that can increase pressure on individuals.

Please use the Health Alert to raise awareness of the EAP.  Pocket cards promoting the EAP and including the contact details are available from Compensation and Benefits.  If you think it would be beneficial to share them amongst your Teams please request them via:

GB-Compensation&Benefits/GB/Cemex@CEMEX Lotus email.

You can also link to the EAP from the new CXME APP – click “Keep Safe and Well”, then “Employee Assistance Programme”.