Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Protect Your Hands…..

We have suffered two recordable hand injuries in two weeks and so far this year three of our six TRIs have involved injuries to the hands/fingers.  Teams are encouraged to review activities that pose a specific risk of hand injuries and apply the ERIC-P hierarchy when considering if additional measures can be taken to reduce the potential for injury:

E– Eliminate the Risk by, for example, using alternative work methods

R– Reduce the Risk through, for example, the use of safer tools and equipment

I – Isolate people from the Risk

C – Control the Risk through safer systems of work

P – Use Personal Protective Equipment

As communicated last week, one way we can all reduce the risk of hand injuries is to ensure we follow the new Global PPE Standards ensuring we wear gloves at all times in all production/operational areas, other than where exemptions apply.