Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Remember Safe Systems Of Work

Whilst there were no lost time injuries (LTIs) in the week, unfortunately an employee suffered a medical treatment injury which falls within the definition of a recordable injury (TRI).  The employee was using a torque multiplier to tighten the wheel nuts on a dumper, however, he released it while it was still under pressure and it spun round, striking the back of his hand and fracturing two bones.

In addition, a collect customer was injured after collecting asphalt from one of our Plants.  As he was covering the load in the back of his pick-up vehicle the tyre on a wheelbarrow, which was also on the truck, exploded projecting hot asphalt in his direction.  He was taken to hospital having suffered minor burns to his face and arms.

If we are to avoid injuries such as these it is important that we always follow safe systems of work, number 8 on our Safety Essentials.

Jesus Gonzalez commented: “Unfortunately we didn’t reach ZERO last week. Let’s all learn from these incidents to prevent more serious accidents happening to our people and contractors. In particular, let’s pay special attention to collect customers to ensure that they wear the correct PPE when visiting our sites.

I’m extremely proud of Readymix efforts to achieve ZERO like the 90 minute STEP-IN shut down that they held on Monday. This is another example of putting Health and Safety first above production and profits.”