Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Reminder To Focus On The Basics

It was a very sad week for all our operations following the death of Jimmy Brownlie at West Calder Block Plant a week last Saturday.  Jimmy’s death is a stark reminder of how quickly things can go wrong, with devastating consequences, and the importance of always following the basics:

THE 12 SAFETY ESSENTIALS – look after yourself and each other

STOP & THINK – before starting any task

ALWAYS STEP IN – if you see unsafe behaviour 

I would encourage anyone who has not yet seen the video about the incident, and the effect on our people, to take the time to watch it, before discussing what more we can do to keep everyone safe with our teams.

It is available via the following link:

It is vitally important at a time like this that we ensure we support Jimmy’s family and close colleagues.  Thanks go to the team who have been doing all they can to help with this.

We are carrying out a full investigation into the incident and supporting the authorities with their enquiries.  We have already taken steps to share preliminary findings with Managers, not only in the UK Operations but also across CEMEX globally and the wider UK industry via the Minerals Products Association.  It is essential that we review these initial findings and any subsequent learning points fully on every site to ensure we prevent any further tragic incidents.