Health & Safety

Health & Safety

RMX Central Putting Health & Safety First

Putting Health and Safety first for a full day the Central Region Operations Team met up at Dunchurch last week with our thanks to the support provided by Duncan Hargreaves.

With a busy Agenda there was focus on our Regional Improvement Plan.

We all need to remember that Health is as important as Safety because we want people to be unharmed during their work with us. That means we need robust actions to address dust, noise, vibration, contact with harmful substances, manual handling and other issues.

Thanks to Annelli and Miranda for their briefing on our Environmental performance. Although we have passed the important milestone of all sites certified we decided to focus on the next target which is bringing all sites into medium to low risk category by the end 2016.

Please remember there is no production need that should come before the Health and Safety of our people and anyone else working with us.