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Health & Safety

Road Safety, Don’t Drive If You Are Feeling Unwell…

The three Safety Alerts in the download section of the UK News website describe three very serious road traffic incidents within our operations last month involving Drivers working on our behalf.  On reading them you will no doubt agree it was extremely fortunate no one was seriously injured in any of the incidents as they all had the potential to involve multiple vehicles and result in significant injuries.

Road Safety 2 resizedThe first two Alerts share a common theme where the Drivers has been taken ill and lost control of their vehicle; it is a concern that this is becoming an emerging trend with four such incidents in the last ten months.  As Drivers it is important that we all follow the Driving Essentials, ensuring we are fit and alert before getting behind the wheel; hydrated, well rested, and free from the influence of alcohol and drugs.  Anyone who is feeling unwell should advise their Supervisor so that appropriate support can be provided and action taken.

In the final Alert an employee who was driving in patchy fog drove his truck at over 40 mph into the back of a stationary refuse collection vehicle which had stopped at the side of the road to empty the bins.  This incident, which was featured in a Video Safety Alert circulated last week, clearly highlights the importance of driving to the road and weather conditions and remaining alert at all times.

In all three incidents the use of seatbelts and ensuring cabs are free from tools and debris reduced the risk of injury.

Do you follow the Driving Essentials?… There are 12 fundamental rules to keep us all safe on the road.