Health & Safety

Health & Safety

ROSPA Family Safety Week

Over the years we’ve made huge strides in our workplace safety and safety on the roads, however, do we take safety home with us?

Sadly, accidents remain the biggest killer of children and young people, up to the age of 19 yet it doesn’t have to be like this.

One area of focus in our 2018 UK Health and Safety Improvement Plan is our families and keeping them safe in their own homes and daily environment, particularly those who are most vulnerable – including children and the elderly. As part of this initiative we have teamed up with ROSPA in support of their Family Safety Week which runs from 23rd to 29th April

In the same week we are also supporting, as a member of the MPA, the National Fire Chief’s Council Drowning Prevention and Water Safety Week – with a focus for CEMEX on trespass and Quarry safety.  Across the UK there are circa five fatalities per year in Quarries involving members of the public, the majority of which are water related and occur in disused sites. These tragic statistics are a reminder of the importance of being vigilant at all the sites we are responsible for.

So, keep an eye out every day next week for promotional materials including posters and videos, which you can take home and share with your loved ones to make home a safer environment. We will be covering Safety in the Home, including Safe Bed Time, Safe Play Time and Safe Leisure Time – so let’s all Stay Safe!