Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Safety Alert – Truck Incidents

The attached Alerts (and in the download section of UK News) detail two incidents within our operations involving trucks.  Please take the time to read them and put the information on noticeboards.

In the first incident a tipper truck became stuck in a soft verge when the driver pulled over to make room for an oncoming lorry.  Whilst the road is the approved council route, this is the second incident of this nature on this stretch of road in less than two years.  It was the driver’s first week of employment with the contract haulier.  The incident highlights the importance of robust inductions, where any particular hazards are explained, and effective defensive driver training and assessments.

In the second incident an Agency Driver left the cab of a company tipper vehicle without applying the handbrake.  The vehicle, which was on a hopper ramp, ran away down the ramp, colliding with some pallets of paving slabs and steel racking, which were pushed into a portakabin that was occupied by several people at the time, causing significant damage.  It was very fortunate no one was injured.  In addition to ensuring handbrakes are applied when vehicles are parked and handbrake warning systems are operational, one of the Key Review Points is to consider sites with ramps to identify any areas at particular risk from runaway vehicles, determining whether it is necessary to relocate or protect any existing buildings/structures.

Please discuss these Alerts with relevant personnel, particularly LGV drivers, and consider what actions are required to prevent a recurrence.