Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Saving A Life

In different areas of the business there are now blood pressure monitors available for colleagues to check their blood pressure. One of them is at Angerstein Wharf in the quarry office Wellbeing Room. One of these monitors potentially saved a life: 

Hi, my name is Thomas Christopher Lutitt and I work at Angerstein Wharf in Greenwich. I’m an Operative on days and I’m composing this email to personally thank you and CEMEX for introducing a health monitor system. I never realised how high my blood pressure was (195/90). I was close to having a stroke or even a heart attack until after using a blood pressure monitor that was implemented by the company. Only after being alerted to my condition was I able to get the help I needed from my doctor and the hospital. 

I’ve been given blood pressure tablets and I am now on the road to a full recovery.  I’m only 30 with a young family and it is a huge weight off of my mind. Thanks again for the full support of the new procedures in keeping everyone CEMEX safe.  Yours thankfully, Thomas Lutitt.

The photo shows David Locke taking his blood pressure.