Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Seat Belts Save Two Employee Lives

There were also two incidents last week which were a clear reminder of the importance of wearing seat belts.  In the first incident a loading shovel turned over at one of our Quarries, fortunately the Operator was wearing his seat belt and was able to leave the machine without any injury.

In the second, a contract tanker driver working on our behalf was involved in a very serious road traffic collision on the M25 (see photo above).  Whilst the driver suffered a broken leg, arm and ribs, we believe he was wearing his seat belt which likely saved his life when the cab separated from the chassis of his vehicle after being struck by a third party; at present this incident is being treated as a none blameworthy road traffic incident.  Both incidents are under investigation to establish the full facts and we wish the tanker driver a full recovery.   However, there is a clear message for us all… Seat Belts Save Lives!  Follow the Driving Essentials. 

Jesus commented: “These two incidents are reminders about the importance of using seat belts…… SEAT BELTS SAVE LIFES…. Please don’t gamble with your life.

I hope that we all have a safer week this week and achieve ZERO harm.”