Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Second Week LTI And TRI Free!

Congratulations to everyone for achieving our second week without any Lost Time Injuries (LTIs) or Recordable Injuries (TRIs).  Several areas of the business reached injury free milestones in the week, demonstrating their commitment to ZERO Harm performance:

Aggregates East       13 years LTI free (last LTI 04.04.2005, last TRI 06.01.11)

Sand Fulmar              2 years LTI/TRI free (last LTI/TRI 03.04.2016)

RMX West Midlands  1 year LTI/TRI free (last LTI/TRI 06.04.2017)

Congratulations and thanks go to everyone who has contributed to these significant achievements; it should be noted that Aggregates East have sustained the longest LTI free record of any of the Aggregates Areas, helping to demonstrate that long term injury free performance is possible and there is no reason anyone should have to suffer an injury at work.