Health & Safety

Health & Safety

See The Difference

Remember to talk about clear dashboards to colleagues and friends this week.  If you have received the air fresheners and posters at your place of work, please distribute them and talk about them.

 This is part of a CEMEX europe wide road safety campaign.  Make sure you have a look in any HGV trucks visiting our sites and check for objects obscuring their view.  Please speak to the drivers about the importance of having a clear view.

You may remember Joanna?  Some of you may remember a tragic incident involving a CEMEX vehicle in 2012.  The vehicle was in a collision with cyclist, Joanna Braithwaite, who tragically died of her injuries.  One of the contributing factors was an old safety helmet placed in the middle of the dashboard, which momentarily obscured her from the driver’s view.

Please talk to all drivers about this issue so that they can ‘see the difference’ too.