Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Simple, Effective and Can Save Lives … A ‘Window’ Door

A new simple and effective safety measure, a door with a ‘window’ or the Vision door will help CEMEX drivers have better nearside vision for seeing vulnerable road users.  The new measure, a simple glass panel fitted in to the bottom half of the nearside door, allows the driver to see the head and shoulders of anyone passing close to the vehicle.

The Vision door, which measures 50cm x 25cm, allows the driver to see a vulnerable road user such as cyclists and pedestrians in his or her peripheral vision and costs approximately £1,000 for a retrofit version. With new construction vehicles costing in excess of £125,000 and potentially having a ‘life’ of 10+ years, this and other safety measures such as mirrors, cameras and proximity sensors can be fitted retrospectively to help protect vulnerable road users.

The Vision doors in CEMEX vehicles were recently shortlisted for the Mineral Products Association Health and Safety awards for Blind Spot Reduction

The glass panels have been fitted to two LGVs, part of the CEMEX fleet of 25 vehicles based at Angerstein, near Charlton,  delivering loads of sand and gravel to sites in London and the South East.