Health & Safety

Health & Safety

South Ferriby Stands Down For Safety

During Luis Oropeza’s monthly visit to site and halfway through South Ferriby’s kiln 2 shutdown, the decision was taken to down tools and pick up a broom.

For two hours (longer if required) all contractors and site personnel stopped their work and cleaned up their work areas because a tidy work area is a safe work area.  This has been highlighted this year with the number of accidents and incidents caused by slips, trips and falls.  The stand down was joined by Luis Oropeza, Henberto Gallardo Fordau and Phillip Baynes-Clarke who were visiting the Plant to look at how the shutdown was progressing.

Luis commented that he enjoyed his two day visit to the site and was happy with how the shutdown was managed, but also pointed out the emphasis and importance of housekeeping to keeping people safe.

So far the shutdown has been progressing well with no first aid treatments or worse having occurred.  The stand down proved very successful, this was evident by all of the skips used for waste disposal being filled, but the site is much tidier and with fewer hazards.