Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Step It Up People !!

As we throw off the woollies and unwrap from winter it’s time to start getting out and about a bit more and enjoy the spring. 

What better excuse than the annual Pedometer Challenge?  Use it as a way to shed that winter blubber, get those muscles working again and encourage your colleagues to do it too.

Register your Team or just yourself by completing the form in the download section of UK News or at the end of this document and send it to Julie Welch ( by Friday 28th April.  Last minute registration is more than welcome!

Please note that non CEMEX employees will have to provide their own means of counting their steps; and also please be reminded that pedometers will not be sent out from central this year, but can be sourced and funded locally. If you haven’t got a pedometer, most smart phones have step counters or they are easily accessible e.g. British Heart Foundation Online Shop

The Pedometer Challenge has been extended to include family members and contractors.
We had 86 Teams taking part last year so let’s see if we can top that this year.