Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Stop And Think, And Step In…

Whilst some areas of the business are doing impressively on their LTI/TRI records, last week we had a bad week with three incidents of note.  It is very concerning that our poor run of incidents is carrying on and we must re-double our efforts to reach ZERO EVERY DAY. We know that zero is possible as we have done it before.

Please continue to ensure that safety is top of mind every single minute of every single day.

Look after yourselves and each other – no injury is an acceptable one….

Last week’s incidents were:

  • The injury to the employee in Marine last month, who fell 40cm from a raised area of the deck of a ship, has been confirmed as being more severe than first thought. As a result, the incident has been reclassified as a Lost Time Injury.
  • It has been confirmed that the employee who went over on his ankle after climbing down from a loading shovel resulted in the employee suffering severe bruising to the cuboid bone in his left foot. This incident has, therefore, been added retrospectively to the report as a Lost Time Injury.
  • An employee at a Mortar Plant required stitches to his hand after striking it on a scraper whilst cleaning out a pan mixer. This incident has been added to the report as a Medical Treatment Case which is a recordable injury.