Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Stopping Production To Reinforce Our Message That Safety Is First

Somercotes Rail Solutions recently stopped all production to carry out a stop talk that would include all site employees and agency workers.

Each month the site completes the same process and this was an additional one planned following the video from our UK President, Jesus Gonzalez Herrera:!Al2hYrMQQSswgak9EKM8F7qBP4XKDQ

Terence Clair, Site Manager, gave a small presentation and also set up a small safety observation test for all as they entered the room.  After the video – a review of stepping in, look after yourself and each other – there was an observation of how safety looks to others in the room.

Terence commented: “This stop talk had that little bit more due to the video that our Team had watched.  It sends a clear message of what is important and it also affirms that we are all in it together. It doesn’t matter if you are a Manager, a Team Leader, a Charge Hand, an Operative, a VP or even a UK President, safety doesn’t recognise roles or positions when it comes to the raw basics, it is our actions that health and safety will remember our LEGACY.”

Thanks go out to all of the Team at Somercotes for being pro-active and confident with health and safety.  It really does make Somercotes a safer place to work.