Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Suppliers Get Safety Savvy Too

Two weeks ago Ronnie Simpson worked in conjunction with A&F Haulage Ltd., on training their staff to be Safety Savvy. It was a three-day session, of back to back courses, and was very well received by all involved.

This is the first major trial involving our Contractors. Ronnie engaged over 90 employees consisting of drivers, staff and workshop personnel, amounting to 95% of their total workforce.

The owner and General Manager, Ali Masood and Steve Creighton, thanked CEMEX for their support and professionalism in moving hearts, mindsets, and most importantly, safety culture within the workplace.

Ronnie commented: “It is key that we target the frontline teams on safety engagement, primarily on themselves as individuals (the main theme of Savvy) but with the added value of the positive impact that it will have on others around them and that they interact with, including our sites and personnel.

There are now another 90 people in the workplace that will positively influence our target of Zero Injuries in looking after themselves and each other!”