Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Take Care In The Sun

With the nicer weather coming along take extra care not to get sunburnt.  After our sun deprived winter we are prone to getting a little carried away when a bit of sun comes our way!

While sunburn is often short-lived and mild, it is important to try to avoid it because it can increase your chances of developing serious health problems such as skin cancer in later life.  It’s easy to underestimate your exposure to the sun when outside as the redness doesn’t usually develop for several hours.  You should always be aware of the risk of sunburn if you’re outside.

Avoid sunburn by protecting your skin by covering up with suitable clothing and hats, not forgetting your eyes by wearing sunglasses.  Make sure any exposed skin has suncreen on which blocks both UVA and UVB radiation.  If you are going to be in the sun for a while then apply the suncream 30 mins before going out and then again just before you go out to get maximum protection.

After these easy precautions make sure you enjoy the lovely weather and get out and about this summer!