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Health & Safety

Take Care Of Yourself And Connect

Whilst we wouldn’t recommend the approach in the picture, talking to each other at work can help boost mental health.

Mental health problems at work are common. At least one in six workers is experiencing common mental health problems, including anxiety and depression. You might not be talking about it because mental health is still a taboo subject and many people feel scared and confused about confronting the issue at work.

But there are small, simple steps you can take to look after yourself and each other, and make your workplace mentally healthier. There will be advice spread over a few editions of UK News; here is the first suggestion which has been researched and developed by the New Economics Foundation:


There is strong evidence that indicates that feeling close to and valued by other people is a fundamental human need and one that contributes to functioning well in the world. It’s clear that social relationships are critical for promoting wellbeing and for acting as a buffer against mental ill health for people of all ages. With this in mind, try to do something different today and make a connection.

  • Talk to someone instead of sending an email.
  • Speak to someone new.
  • Ask how someone’s weekend was and really listen when they tell you.
  • Put five minutes aside to find out how someone really is.
  • Give a colleague a lift to work or share the journey home with them.