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Health & Safety

Technical sales team weigh in….

After returning to work in January, Noel Dixon’s Technical Systems Team collectively decided they wanted to try and focus on their health and lose some weight.

fit4life logo resizedNoel Dixon, decided to join them, and they came up with some plans on how they could achieve this and support each other in the office environment. They then had an initial weigh-in on January 5th.

Noel explains some of the changes they’ve made, “fruit bowls have replaced the unhealthy snacks (biscuits/crisps), the sometimes unhealthy lunches and gone are the traditional Friday morning breakfast sandwich.

A walk at lunch and sometimes a walk up the 7 flights of stairs (apologies to those who have had to listen to the heavy breathing as they have got back to their desk and picked up the phone), has replaced the sitting at their desk and using the lift all the time.

Weekly weigh in’s have kept track of progress, which have generated quite a bit of friendly banter and lots of discussion in the office around cooking tips.

As of March 2nd, the team of 8, have lost a total of 27.3kgs (over a bag of cement) or 60lbs, with every member contributing to this total, which is a great achievement.

The challenge continues. Next target 40kgs (a set of 3 cube moulds with concrete in them!)”