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Thank You Tyrone And Augustin For Your Careful Driving

Two members of the public have praised CEMEX London Aggregate Drivers for their considerate driving. 

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Well done and thank you to Tyrone Lowther (top, Agency Driver) and Augustin Garcia (right), both Drivers at Angerstein, for your great example.

Read on to see what the cyclists said:

“Good Morning.  This morning whilst I was cycling to work I encountered one of your large trucks on the road near Battersea Rise in London (approx 6.30 am). I felt compelled to write to you to commend the Driver of the vehicle. He took extreme care when overtaking me which was greatly appreciated. I cycle to work every day and large vehicles, when overtaking, are particularly nerve racking, especially on tight roads in London. Your Driver drove slowly behind me at a safe distance and waited until it was absolutely safe to overtake and gave me a very wide berth when he passed me. Please pass on my thanks and gratitude to him. I just wish all Drivers on the roads were as thoughtful and considerate as him. Well done CEMEX! Thank you. Nick Collin.” 

“Hi.  I’m just dropping you a line to say thank you to one of your Drivers. Last evening I was very nearly flattened whilst cycling by an incredibly poor piece of driving from a van. One of your trucks was immediately behind me. The van kept going but your driver stopped, held up the rest of the traffic and gave me a chance for my heart to slow down a bit. He then pulled up on the far side of the junction and got out to ensure I was definitely OK. At the time I just wanted to get to my destination so I thanked him and headed on. It was a great example of civic responsibility and care of another individual – so I’d just like to say thanks again to him! Thanks from James Heath.” 

Rob Wilkinson, Regional Logistics Manager, was delighted with the driving culture exhibited by Tyrone and Augustin. It is exactly the type of driving behaviour we expect in such a high risk environment.

Credit must be given to Charlie Stanford  ALM, the lead Drivers:  Bob Lancaster, Paul Luacs, Ken Evans, Paul Macpherson DDO and the whole Driver Team, as they have created a driving culture that puts ‘sharing road space’ at the heart of their driving.