Health & Safety

Health & Safety

The Beast from the East – 1 lesson learnt

Drew Crombie, Aggs Area Ops Manager for Scotland, made this useful observation from last weeks harsh weather. “The  most recent chilly spell that became know as the Beast from the East has certainly caused quite a bit of disruption within our business and throughout the Industry, with many site closures, the sites that remained open had increased risk of injury due to the Ice and snow hazards – One thing that was learned in Scotland was ” know your teams contact details”

All managers and assistants have company mobile phones – I urge them to ensure they have the contact details of their site staff stored on their phones and likewise the site staff have the management team contact details on their own phones.

We were caught out with a few staff members not being able to be contacted – however those staff members had the sense to contact the sites themselves.

The numbers may be kept on site in the phone book etc – but if you cannot get on site – they are of no use, – so please get the numbers on the phones and we can always keep regular contact with everyone.

Stay safe and keep the simmits oan for anither month – as they say never cast a cloot til May is oot…” – If you say so Drew!?