Health & Safety

Health & Safety

The health essentials are now fit for life!

The health essentials have been refreshed and are being re-launched.  Going home healthy, as well as unhurt, to your family after a day’s work is important too, so it’s time to think a bit more about the ‘health’ in health and safety.

The New Health Essentials have been developed by the Global Health Forum and agreed by the Global Health & Safety Council. They aim to cover the most important issues we all face every day; and to compliment them – a new Fit 4 Life Logo has been designed.

The poster (left) to advertise the new health essentials is at the back of this UK news document, or in the download section of the UK News website for you to print off and put on notice boards.

New Health Essentials Poster resizedThe plan for the New Health Essentials is to run monthly campaigns to help embed them into our everyday lives.  It also means that you and your teams can focus on a specific health essential each month. The materials are especially designed to be practical, easy-to-use and to help promote, explain and give great advice on each of the topics.

Where ever you see the new fit for life logo, it means that there is something to do with health involved or advice to think about.

Many of our team’s have already kicked off 2017 thinking about how they can be more healthy at work.  If your team is the same please share your stories to encourage others, either on SHIFT or through UK News.