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Health & Safety

The New CEMEX Healthy Lifestyle Group

After the indulgencies of Christmas and New Year a number of staff at Stockton were planning to lose weight or make an effort to be healthier.   It was suggested rather than going it alone it would be beneficial to support each other.  The CEMEX Healthy Lifestyle Group was formed.

Everyone is encouraged to share tips, menus and exercise ideas and as well as talking about them at weekly meetings the group have books and recipes available to all and have created a WhatsApp that includes everyone.

Weigh day is every Thursday and everyone pays £1.  It was decided by the group that 70% of the money would be donated to charity and 30% will be awarded to the monthly highest loser and run until June 2015.  At the end of June the total weight loss was 11st 7Lbs and £338.60 was raised for Charity.

The overall winner, Cathy Foster from HR Admin, donated to a local charity – Muscles for Mitchell.  Cathy commented: “It’s a great charity.  Mitchell is a little 6 year old boy who has recently been diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy.  The charity has been set up by his mum who is raising money to find a cure for the disease.” 

Due to the success and encouragement of the group they have decided to continue to the end of the year.