Health & Safety

Health & Safety


At the beginning of the month another high potential incident was captured by the camera system on a truckmixer.  In the incident a construction site dumper was left unattended with the engine running and no park brake applied. The dumper started to move and crashed into the truckmixer, thankfully our Driver noticed the dumper and could move out of the way just in time.

There are a number of learning points from the incident including the need to ensure the park brake is applied, the engine stopped and keys removed before leaving any vehicle, and the need for Drivers to always carry out a ‘MYSPACE’ assessment when delivering to a site to establish:

  • How they can be hurt in ‘MYSPACE’
  • What hazards/who can enter ‘MYSPACE’
  • What can be done to control/avoid the risks

The Video Safety Alert (in the download section of UK News) which is being circulated across the business, includes the relevant footage and key review points.