Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Three Points Of Contact On All Steps Or Stairs

Unfortunately a contractor suffered a restricted work injury when he slipped as he left a welfare cabin, fracturing a bone in his ankle.  Please take extra care especially in the frosty weather.

Remember, ALWAYS THREE POINTS OF CONTACT when walking up or down steps even if it’s only one or two – always use the handrail.

Michel commented: “I am also very concerned to report a third incident related to slip, trip and falls in less than a month. This is simply not acceptable and we have to refocus collectively on this topic that, we all know, is extremely relevant at all times and especially during the winter period.”

This is the third recordable injury (TRI) resulting from slips, trips and falls in the last two weeks.  Whilst the recent weather conditions have presented us with additional hazards, it is essential that we all take personal care to minimise the risk of slips, trips and falls by ensuring walkways are adequately lit, maintained in a good condition and kept free of ice/snow, by wearing suitable footwear, including correctly laced ankle safety boots while on site, and by maintaining three points of contact on steps and stairways.