Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Two TRIs Last Week

It has not been a good start to 2017, so far this year we have injured 9 people at work.  If we projected this performance onto the rest of the year we would injure 36 people.  Do you want this to continue?

Do you want to run the risk of one of those people being you or a close colleague?

Jesus wants to share this message with you all:

“We all need to do more to stop letting or colleagues and contractors get injured.  Industry experience shows that the more TRIs we experience the higher our chances of having a serious accident or even a fatality.   I count on your leadership and passion for safety to make a difference and return to ZERO this week. A good opportunity to show our leadership in Safety and to make a difference is to participate in our Health, Safety and Wellbeing days. I encourage everyone to attend.

Finally, I’d like to congratulate Readymix Cluster 20 for achieving 4 years TRI free, a very good example to show that ZERO harm is possible. Well done to everyone in Cluster 20!”