Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Very Bad News – Our Second LTI Of The Year

It was disappointing to suffer our second lost time injury of the year last week.  In the incident, a Truckmixer Driver (Independent Haulage Contractor, IHC) trapped his fingers in the hinged discharge chute of his vehicle while washing it down at the end of the day; sadly the Driver suffered a broken finger, a hairline crack in another and laceration.  The investigation has confirmed so far that the finger guard was fitted and operational on the truck and the Driver was wearing gloves.  We hope to learn more about the incident and what can be done to prevent a recurrence once we have had chance to talk with the Driver now he has been released from hospital following his overnight stay whilst awaiting an operation.

Jesus Gonzalez, CEMEX UK President, commented: “A very disappointing week with our second LTI of the year. As you can see we are not doing well looking after our contractors when compared to last year: 2 LTIs in 2016 vs ZERO last year, and 4 TRIs this year vs 3 last in 2015.

As you know contractor safety is one of our 3 key areas of focus this year (along with Road Safety and Health) and we need to do more to keep our contractor safe.

We ALL need to do more to STOP injuring our people and contractors. Let’s get back to ZERO this week!”