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Walking In May – At The Best Times Of Day!

Andrew Crombie, Aggs Ops Manager Scotland, takes us through how he is managing to make up his steps for the Pedometer Challenge.  It just takes a little more thought but can be done!

Andrew comments: “This month I am participating in the Pedometer Challenge as Team Captain for ‘Robin Dood and His Merry Men’ Team, so I thought I would set a good example and do some pace setting.

Well, am I glad I took up the challenge?  You bet I am and each day I am stepping on average 16,000 steps.

My routine every day consists of:


  1. Arrive on site at Cambusmore Quarry around 6.00am and walk the boundary – 7,500 steps. At this time of day all nature is at its best.  The wildlife I have come across on the morning walk that I would not normally see include  foxes playing and feeding, Roe Deer by the dozens, an otter slipping in and out the river, frogs and toads by the bucket loads, hares and many more.  The birdlife though is fantastic on the river – Dippers, Goldeneyes, Goosanders and many ducks.  In the woods I have seen Goldcrests and Woodpeckers and on the Gart Loch I have seen the Osprey fishing beside Commorants and Swans, and looking up there are plenty of Buzzards and Red Kites about to add to the enjoyment.
  1. Lunchtime around 1.00pm – a quick bite to eat and then a 30 minute quick stroll usually accounts for 3,300 steps on average – this is done wherever I am and it gets me away from my computer for a short while.
  1. In the evening – I am lucky enough to live in a rural community with miles and miles of wood walks, forest tracks and mountain trails. My better half and myself always put in an hours walking in the evening and this is also a great time to see plenty of wildlife – another 7,000 steps on average.

By sticking to this routine I am easily achieving my target steps.  It’s not interfering with my work schedule, in fact, I would say it’s improving my day as I feel really good when I start my work and I sleep better when I get to bed.

Oh! and the best part, I have been focused on losing weight since I stood on the scales on January 1st at 16 stone.  During January, February and March I quickly lost two and a half stone through a better eating regime, but April I found my weight loss had slowed to 4lbs as all the easy losses had gone. However, with the added incentive that the Pedometer Challenge has brought, I already know I am back shifting more of the unwanted pounds and I feel great about it.”

Keep on walking!