Health & Safety

Health & Safety

We Did It!!!

A proud day for everyone at Somercotes, achieving 10 years LTI free.

Works Manager, Terry Clair, said: “The Team here has done an amazing job and to say I am proud to be a part of this Team is an under-statement, my respect goes to all of them here for the commitment and hard work they have shown to make this key achievement possible.

The site has been and is still seeing big changes in process, structure and people. Everything we do holds safety as its number one priority and due to this being pushed so much we are seeing the culture of people changing very early on when starting with us, and this is especially important with our agency workers.

The site is small compared to others, but larger to some, at its height last year we had 43 people on site working days, afternoons and nights; we churned approximately 40 agency staff which would of meant induction after induction.  We identified where our higher 3 risk areas were: nights, agency and agency within 3 months of employment; we then took the required actions to combat these areas.

CEMEX values have helped us push this message to all our employees and we must continue to ensure that each process we change holds safety as number one and we continue to be the best for our people, our families and our stakeholders.

Thanks go to all who have supported Somercotes and may we continue to be vigilant in all we do.”