Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Weekly Health And Safety Message From Michel

Congratulations to you all for a LTI and TRI-free week. This is our 10th consecutive week being TRI-free for employees which is very pleasing and rewarding for all of us. That said, please make sure you do not relax on any Health and Safety related matters: staying alert and focused is the only way forward to ensure all stakeholders are safe interacting with us, anywhere, anytime. As previously commented, this requires above all a permanent risk-free attitude – being 100% alert; step-in systematically even for apparent ‘minor’ issues as there is no such thing as ‘minor’ as far as safety is concerned; always plan-do-check-act and apply our policies and procedures scrupulously.

In my previous weekly message I highlighted the risks related to isolation procedures and urged everyone to read and act upon Andy’s latest alert on this topic. Sadly, the tragic incident that occurred in the Czech Republic last week reminds us how important proper isolations are across our operations. Please check again your relevant local standards against Andy’s safety alert.

Stay alert everyone, especially in the holiday season that is riskier in nature.

Take care.