Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Well Done Asphalt

“It gives me great pleasure and pride to tell you that our Asphalt business nationally has reached 2 years LTI free,” Garry Gregory announced this week.

He continued: “This is a fantastic milestone to reach and is all down to the efforts of you and your teams, the focus and attention you are giving safety and genuinely treating it as our number one priority.  However, I do believe all our teams should expect to come to work and return to their families and friends uninjured. So, whilst we should recognise the achievement, it isn’t something we should overly celebrate.

We know safety has no memory, therefore our good record is only as good as this moment in time. I am also mindful that records are often broken quickly and in terms of safety milestones, I’ve seen time and again an accident or incident occurring very quickly after the announcement of an LTI or TRI free achievement.

Please be mindful of this, remain focussed and let’s strive for a long, continued period remaining incident and accident free.”