Health & Safety

Health & Safety

What Have You Got On Your Plate?

Continuing the theme for the CEMEX Health Month, Week Two is all about raising awareness of nutrition and how we make the correct choices in what we eat.

The NHS Eatwell Plate is a great place to start, which guides us to get a balance of healthier and more sustainable foods, and what proportions to take. This shows the ‘percentage’ of each type of food that you should try and have ‘on your plate’ each day.  Notice the larger percentage of fruits and veg, and the focus on ‘good carbohydrates’ such as whole grain breads and pasta, and brown rice rather than highly processed white carbohydrates.  Notice the lack of sugary foods too!!!!

There are some great awareness websites out there and one of the best is the NHS Change 4 Life which has top tips and facts on everything from sugar, fat and salt to what food labels really mean to find out what’s really inside your food and drink. They have a great food App too, which can be fun when shopping with the kids.

So why not share with your team, colleagues and even your friends and family, how changing your eating habits can benefit us all?

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