Health & Safety

Health & Safety

You Can’t Concentrate On The Road And Your Mobile Phone

Following on from recent communications regarding mobile phone usage, this is just a reminder.

  • You’re four times more likely to crash if you use a mobile phone while driving.
  •  Reaction times for drivers using a phone are around 50% slower than normal driving.
  • Even careful drivers can be distracted by a call, text or even an email on a smart phone – and a split-second lapse in concentration could result in a crash.





  • Outgoing calls should be planned for a time when not driving e.g. after pulling over and parking the vehicle in a safe and appropriate place.
  • The duration of incoming and outgoing calls should be kept to an absolute minimum and consideration should be given to the driving conditions.
  • Texting is prohibited. A driver can be prosecuted if use of a phone causes them not to have full control of their vehicle.
  • If you call someone and they tell you they are driving, ask them to call you back when they have parked up safely.

Can you think about 2 things at once?  Please display the poster (at the end of this document and in the download section of the website) in prominent positions on notice boards and discuss at Safety Meetings.