Lend a Hand

Cluster 16 Prepare To Lend-A-Hand

Remember these pictures? cluster 16 lend a hand resized 2 Hopefully after Cluster 16’s Lend-A-Hand next week the area will be transformed for the pupils of Gosford Park Primary School in Coventry.

The area has become overgrown and unsightly in recent years and the school would like to have an area where they can take the children for a ‘welly walk’. They will be putting up benches for the kids to sit on whilst they read them stories, as well as having a nature area for the kids to plant their own vegetation, look for worms and generally get them to be more active.

cluster 16 lend a hand 3 resizedThe Cluster 16 Team will be removing the rubbish that the local residents have thrown over the fence, as well as cutting all the Brambles back about 10 feet either side of the existing pathway. The leaves will be raked up and removed, and the ground towards the back of the area will be leveled so that the benches can be safely and securely installed.