Open Line to Jesus

Avoid Slips, Trips and Falls……

Unfortunately we had a TRI last week and we did not achieve our goal of ZERO harm. 

More than 50 % of the accidents that we have suffered this year (including the one from last week) are related to slips, trips and falls. We must redouble our efforts to eliminate these types of accidents. Please use the attached materials to highlight the importance of GET A GRIP and good lighting and housekeeping to avoid these incidents.

Also please support the national seatbelt campaign that we will be launching the week of November 28th: You can save a life.

Finally, congratulations to Paving Solutions, Cement Logistics and South West and South Wales Aggregates Logistics for their TRI and LTI free achievements. Please use the TRI in Cement Logistics last week as a reminder that SAFETY HAS NO MEMORY and that we must stay focused everyday to keep everyone safe.

Have a safe and nice week.