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Deepest Sympathies To Our French Colleagues

Following the tragic Paris attacks on Friday night, fortunately we are not aware of any direct casualties to CEMEX employees. However, several employees have lost friends in these events and/or directly witnessed some of the attacks. Psychological help is being provided in addition to the assistance already co-ordinated through the government.

Today all CEMEX employees were updated by our French Country President, Michel Andre, to associate CEMEX to the 3 days of national mourning declared by the government, cancel any participation to any festive event during these three days, encourage employees to limit professional travel and ask employees to respect all security measures to be and/or already implemented by the government.

Michel sent this message to CEMEX UK:

I am very grateful for your support through these moments.

On behalf of CEMEX France Management, let me thank all UK employees.

There will be big emotion tonight in Wembley: for once score will not count as symbols of unity between our old Western countries will prevail. First time the “Marseillaise” will be sung in French by the whole Wembley stadium: what a huge sign of communion and resilience of our common values.

Warm regards,  Michel” 

CEMEX continues to conduct our business as usual and stay focused on our operations through these events while strictly respecting security measures taken by the government under the official ‘State of Emergency’ that will be probably extended to three months according to François Hollande’s declaration. This extension requires a vote of the National Assembly that should take place soon.

Employees gathered to respect the minute’s silence today in CEMEX France sites and elsewhere in the world. Our thoughts and prayers are with those who have lost loved ones.