Open Line to Jesus

EU Referendum Important Implications For CEMEX UK

Next week is the referendum on the EU. Jesus sent out this note to us this week:

Dear Colleagues,

I know that the upcoming June 23 European Union (EU) referendum on the UK membership is of enormous importance to you and to the Country. It also has important implications for CEMEX.

After careful consideration of the information available in the public domain, I believe that our Company would be best served by continued UK membership in the EU because a so called “Brexit” or “Leave” scenario would probably result in less economic growth and, hence, a significant reduction in the demand for our products and services over the next few years.

I recognise that each of you will make your choice based on your own assessments of the pros and cons of EU membership.

Regardless of the outcome of the referendum I am confident that at CEMEX we will continue doing our best to BUILD A GREATER BRITAIN.